What Makes Comfort Food Comforting?

Imagine your favorite comfort food. Is it sweet or savory? How does it sound when you take your first bite? How does it feel when you take the first taste? Chances are good that it’s soft or creamy, and that it takes little effort to chew. I’ve been thinking a lot about comfort food lately. […]


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Our Dinner with Joe

The restaurateur, cookbook author, winemaker, and TV personality, Joe Bastianich, believes that people are like wine. As an example, Bastianich points to the vineyard growing cycle. In the first few years, the vines are like babies, requiring plenty of care but not producing anything. In their early teen years, the vines produce, but the grapes […]

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Parmentier’s Potato Project

In the late 18th century, France struggled with wheat shortages, starvation, and food riots. Antoine-Augustin Parmentier believed he had a solution. As a prisoner in Germany during the Seven Years War, Parmentier was introduced to the potato. He was an avid believer in the potato’s health benefits and potential as a wheat alternative. The French […]

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Dinner Party in Portugal

In August, my extended family spent ten days in Portugal. Our apartment in Lisbon had an amazing view of the city. We’d often spend the evenings enjoying a pitcher of sangria or a bottle of wine while discussing the day and watching the world go by outside. Here’s a photo: Throughout the trip, we encountered […]

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